FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

The non-restricted course has 8 classroom hours and a written and practical exam after. The restricted course has 6 classroom hours plus tests. I usually start the courses at 8am and they usually go until around 6pm.

Do I need hunter safety to take this course?

No, hunter safety is not required – the course is overlooked by the RCMP.

How old do I have to be to take the course?

For the NON-restricted course the minimum age is 12, for the RESTRICTED you have to be 18 and you have to have passed the non-restricted course before.

I took the course a few years ago, but I never sent in my papers/I lost my papers – do I have to take it again?

No, your paperwork never expires! Even if you lost your copy of the paperwork, you can still send in your application to the RCMP. Your instructor submitted a copy of the course report to the RCMP, which they will use to complete your application. Contact me if you need help with your application.

I have a criminal record – can I still take the course?

A criminal record could be the reason for a longer background check. If you are prohibited from using a firearm by a judge’s decision, you are not allowed to take the firearms course.