About me

My name is Henrik Langer from Dauphin, Manitoba. I was born and raised in Germany where I got my first experiences with firearms during my military service. Responsible handling and safe use of guns was a very important part of the training.

Being a very active member of the Dauphin Handgun Club, made me decided to become a firearms instructor. I am very passionate about teaching safe handling of all firearms in a fun and interesting way.

No matter if you have experience or never touched a firearm in your life – I make sure that everyone in the course gets the knowledge required to own and handle firearms. Experienced people might be able to learn something new, inexperienced people might find out that guns aren’t as scary as they look.

After the course you have to take a written and practical test, and upon passing you can apply for your PAL (Possession and acquisition license, formerly known as FAC), which allows you to buy firearms and ammunition.

Students under the age of 18 can apply for a minor’s PAL, which allows them to use firearms while hunting without supervision.